Why You Should Have Hope With Autism

Have you ever stopped to admire the amazing abilities that your body has? Isn’t it fascinating to contemplate that when you have a cut or a bruise your body will heal itself in a matter of weeks! And not only that, think about how your body is currently making and recycling red blood cells, skin cells, digestive tract cells, etc. all of the time.

This is why I firmly believe and have confidence that there is hope with serving and helping children and individuals with autism.  The body is an amazing creation with incredible abilities to heal, perform and function as long as there are no major interferences in doing so. Unfortunately as a society, the majority have forgotten this or at least have discounted the amazing gift that our bodies are. If we can but support the natural innate wisdom our bodies have to thrive then we will all be pretty amazed at how well our bodies can and will function.

By removing the sources of stress on the body we can then witness miracles unfold and watch these children begin to communicate, interact, heal and thrive in their lives. Is this process easy? Not at all! This is a marathon and not a sprint, but if we consistently are making efforts to do the right things, then over time we will have success in helping our children reach levels never before thought of. Can autism be reversed? Yes, it is possible.  Let’s give the body the credit and recognition it deserves and trust that as we apply specific principles related to nutrition, detoxification, stress reduction, improved structural function, etc. then we can be certain to see positive changes. Let’s get after it and watch great things unfold!