The Autism Wellness Center of Utah was inspired by Dr. Knight’s strong desire to help and serve children of autism and their families. Over the past six plus years Dr. Knight has been seeking and learning different treatments, techniques, skill sets, knowledge, strategies and solutions for helping children with autism and their families. He has learned fascinating ways to help improve neurological function to helping reduce inflammation, improve gut health and safely remove toxins that can be harming and hindering ideal health and function in a child with autism.

Dr. Knight has had the opportunity to serve many families that are in the trenches with autism and one thing he often notices is how challenging it can be for many families to afford the health care costs associated with autism. Many families have exhausted every penny they have with the intent of helping their child. Unfortunately many of the treatments they have tried have not provided the results that they had been hoping to obtain only leaving them with the same dilemmas and with little resources for their children. That is one of the many reasons Dr. Knight was inspired to start a nonprofit just for children with autism so that the necessary care and attention could be given to those in need.

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Our Values

How We Create Hope For Families That Have Children With Autism

  • Love & Compassion: We see the challenges that families have with raising a child with autism and we feel love and compassion in striving to connect and support you in your journey.
  • Diligence: We know that when serving a child with autism it’s not a one size fits all approach. For that reason we diligently seek to learn knowledge, skills and solutions that will be best for your child.
  • Patience & Persistence: As we know how complex autism can be we do know that change is possible and improvements in their behavior and health can be improved. However we know that this journey isn’t going to take weeks, but realistically will take months and years. We invite patience and persistence with both ourselves and the families we work with. Just like you can’t rush the growth of a tree and its fruit, you can’t cut corners with healing. We don’t quit and we won’t quit in pursuing the goal of helping your child become the happiest and healthiest version.
  • Communication and Transparency: We know in any relationship communication is key to succeed. We strive to communicate in a way that fosters trust, confidence and clarity. We invite and appreciate open conversations and questions in regards to your child’s health. This is a team approach.
  • God: All success I have had in my life has been a direct result of blessings from a loving God. I trust in Him and His plan for me, my family and for those I serve. I know miracles are possible and I know  His ways are not my ways (Isaiah 55:8-9) and for that reason I trust the process, the lessons that come with it and also the outcomes whatever they may be.

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