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The SAD (Standard American Diet) has made real health a lot more difficult and challenging to obtain. The ease of convenience foods, beverages and life’s constant demand for our time and attention has made preparing and eating high quality and healthy food more difficult. Eating healthy has to be a priority in order to obtain health for our children and ourselves. We can’t get by with the SAD way of eating, this leads to chronic inflammation in the body impairing optimal function and support for our body systems – especially our digestive system and neurological system.

The Digestive Health Rule of Thumb

A good rule of thumb is to eat as close to what mother nature provides – meaning fewer ingredients, and being able to read and understand the ingredients. Also organic is always preferred but not always realistic for everyone. If you can grow your own food that would be amazing as well. The body has specific nutritional requirements and often we have deficiencies that lead to less than ideal function and frustration.

If we don’t make the necessary efforts to make our diet and digestive health a priority, then we will always be vulnerable to potential challenges and/or be unable to make the improvements we desperately want. The good news is that you have the power to make changes for the better today!

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