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A safer way to acquire immunity naturally without the risks of vaccination.


Questioning vaccines? Homeoprophylaxis also called HP, is a worldwide choice to educate the immune system in a gentle way. You do have choices if you are questioning vaccination.


HP orally introduces safe, homeopathic versions of diseases to the body in order to naturally stimulate the immune system. This is similar to the original design of vaccination, but there are no longer many similarities.


Start with an individualized appointment. Choose from a basic HP kit or a larger HP kit with more remedies for common acute illnesses, bumps and bruises. Be empowered by supporting natural immunity.


Children for childhood illnesses

Everyone for epidemic and pandemic protection

Children and adults traveling to foreign countries

  • At any time, your child may be treated with standard or alternative therapies of your choice. At any time, you may choose to conventionally vaccinate your child or stop using HP.
  • Our basic HP program lasts from 18-31 months and is designed to be self-administered.
  • Studies conducted by Dr Isaac Golden since 1985 showed 90.4% effectiveness in the HP cohort exposed to the disease.
  • Dr. Golden’s study revealed that children undergoing homeoprophylaxis had fewer chronic illnesses and improved long term health outcomes compared to either vaccinated or non-vaccinated children.
  • It was also observed that the use of homeoprophylaxis did not result in increased allergic, atopic or neurological symptoms as is commonly observed with vaccinated children.

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