Dr. Jeff Knight is on a mission to helping families find greater hope, freedom, peace of mind and confidence in helping their children that suffer from symptoms related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Knowing that there is no one “cure” to autism, Dr. Knight breaks down key topics and solutions to helping children with autism dealing with the myriad of obstacles related to gut and digestive health, proper nutrition, challenges with sleep (insomnia), detoxification of the brain and body, neurological, behavioral and social challenges and creating more awareness on treatment options that can help children become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves. After spending the past several years serving and treating children with autism, Dr. Knight is excited to provide greater insight to help families everywhere. In this podcast Dr. Knight will sprinkle great information, education, solutions, interviews with experts and stories and experiences of hope for parents and families to keep pushing forward amidst the trials of autism! Dr. Knight opened a non-profit, Autism Wellness Center of Utah, and dedicates a portion of his time, effort, energy, knowledge, expertise and heart to these wonderful children.

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Can’t Wait for this Podcast!

I’m so excited for this podcast! Thank you Dr. Knight!
J White

Dr. Knight is incredible.

Jeff, way to go. I am so excited for people with autistic kids/family members to have this podcast. I’ve known you my whole life and everything you have ever done you have poured your whole heart and soul into it. I am excited to share your podcast with everyone I know with autistic kids. God bless you on your mission.