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What is Neurological Integration?

Your nervous system is the master controller of all body functions down to the cellular level. Like the conductor of a symphony, the nervous system coordinates all your bodily functions to create a balanced and sustainable state of health.

When signaling breakdowns between your nervous system and body (due to trauma, stress, infections, and chemical imbalances) symptoms can develop as your nervous system loses communication with organs, muscles, joints, the immune system, hormonal system, etc.  As an NIS practitioner, Dr. Knight can find these signaling disruptions, and facilitate your nervous system to restore the functionality of electrical and chemical signaling pathways. Since your nervous system, not the practitioner, makes these corrections, NIS is 100% accurate and safe.

How It Works?

In order to identify any disrupted signals from your nervous system to the rest of your body, a practitioner using the NIS system (a series of prioritized protocols) holds specific anatomical contact points and performs a muscle test to identify any issues that have been pushed past your body’s tolerance levels. Once identified, NIS protocols facilitate your nervous system to re-set the circuitry in order for all body systems to return to your optimal potential.

Why It Works

Regardless of the complaint, real causes can only be resolved when the neurological circuitry that governs ALL body function is considered. Only the nervous system knows WHY it occurs and how it can be rectified. NIS has been under development since 1987 by Allan Phillips D.O. from Auckland, New Zealand. It is based on principles of modern neuroscience along with traditional healing practices including acupuncture and East Asian Medicine.

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